UPA Government could fall at any time: BJP

Ahmedabad: Bhartiya Janata Party had demanded the resignatiaon of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and said that Congress-led UPA government has been reduced to a minority and could fall any time soon.

Ruling out the possibility of the Third Front, Rudy said, “Till the time the Left wing enjoyed power and presence in West Bengal, Tripura and Kerala…there number was considerable…the possibility of Third Front government had existed. But, as their numbers have gone down and virtually turned zero…there is no possibility now.”

He alleged that the Centre was silent on “sensitive national issues” like infiltration of Bangladeshis, threat from Pakistan and Chinese incursion. Attacking the PM on incursion in Ladakh by Chinese troops, Rudy said, “On the China issue, our PM says it is a local issue…Is the Government of India waiting for the day when Chinese troops would enter 30 kms into India and set up permanent structures with steel rods and cements…BJP wants to know about it.”

Asking how long India would let Pakistan sponsor terror in the country and tolerate it quietly, Rudy said, “Time is going to come very soon when people of this country will seek reply from the government.”

Criticizing the Centre on the issue of Sarabjit Singh’s death, Rudy said, “Indian government remained a mute spectator to his killing in a Pakistan prison, despite being repeatedly informed about the danger to his life.” “India has emerged as a failure before the world, be it on foreign policy or diplomatic relations or other fronts,” he said.

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