Undertaking to Refrain May Free Varun Gandhi

In a move that may well secure the release of BJP Lok Sabha hopeful from Pilibhit, Varun Gandhi, his counsel on Monday assured the Supreme Court that the 29-year-old would submit an undertaking to the Apex Court that he will refrain from provocative speeches during the Lok Sabha elections.

The Supreme Court’s suggested Gandhi may be released if he “gives an undertaking that he will not make provocative speeches,” the suggestion was immediately approved by Varun Gandhi’s counsel Mukul Rohtagi.

Varun Gandhi is presently held under the National Security Act, for allegedly “inciting violence” prior to his voluntary arrest in Uttar Pradesh last month.

Referring to the UP government’s decision to detain Varun Gandhi under the NSA, a bench consisting of Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan and Justice P Sathasivam said: “We feel such drastic action is not required.”

The hearing, on the suit filed by Varun Gandhi challenging his arrest under the NSA, has been adjourned till Thursday.

Meanwhile the Congress has distanced itself from UP government’s decision to detain Varun Gandhi under the stringent preventive provision and said “political purposes” made Mayawati take the decision.

Without commenting on if the decision was right or wrong, Congress spokesperson Kapil Sibal said: “Yes, she (Mayawati) used it for political purposes. The BSP is hand in glove and in conspiracy with BJP on this.”

“If it was not for political advantage, she (Mayawati) would not have used it,” contended Sibal, who is a top lawyer, before clarifying that the Centre too had powers to invoke NSA but it did not do so.

(With Inputs from PTI, IANS)

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