ULFA behind Assam Attacks: Centre

A day after serial blasts rocked the northeastern state of Assam, the Centre on Tuesday said the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) was waging virtual war against the country and added that it had strong reasons to blame the recent violence in the state on the banned outfit.

“It (ULFA) has waged a virtual war against the Indian State for many years. Government has made it clear that it will not yield to ULFA’s demands,” said a statement issued by the Home Ministry in New Delhi.

The Ministry, responsible for the maintain of internal security, said that it had strong reasons to believe that the violence was being instigated and carried out by the ULFA.

The statement was issued in wake of the three bombings and a grenade attack that rocked Assam killing ten people and wounding 70 others.

The government said it was regrettable that it was regrettable that it was not possible for the security forces to pre-empt and prevent these incidents, said the statement.

“ULFA is an old adversary. It is a banned organisation. Its leaders are operating from sanctuaries across the international border,” said the Ministry while condemning the bombings.

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