Uddhav Digs up Kini Murder Issue to Even with Raj’s Criticism

In sharp response to criticism by Raj Thackeray that MNS went to polls because Shiv Sena MPs drew a blank to raise ‘Marathi Voice’ in Parliament, executive president of Sena Uddhav Thackeray  dug up a murder case in which Raj faced conspiracy charges.

“You say I voted for a non-Marathi candidate like Mahesh Jethmalani but it was (Ram) Jethmalani only with whom Sena chief Bal Thackeray was in constant contact to acquit you in the murder case of Ramesh Kini, a Marathi,” Uddhav said in a statement.

It may be mentioned that Kini, a resident of Matunga in central Mumbai, was found dead in a Pune theatre in 1996. His widow had charged that Kini was murdered as one of Raj Thackeray’s friends wanted their flat and her husband declined to evacuate it.

“Enemies of Marathi people are taking advantage over division of Marathi votes in recent Lok Sabha polls and Raj is solely responsible for the same,” Uddhav charged.

“Raj has made fun of Marathi people and enemies are taking advantage over it. He must stop speaking nonsense,” Uddhav said.

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