Two Persons Open Fire at ISRO Security Personnel

Two persons on Tuesday morning opened fire at security personnel of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) around high security facility at Byalalu near Bangalore, said media reports.

According to reports, they were wandering around the area and when security personnel questioned them, they opened fire at them.

Security personnel returned fire, however, the duo fled, said reports.

“Two people were seen moving in a suspicious manner outside our centre,” ISRO spokesman S Satish was quoted as saying while talking to reporters. “The police immediately challenged them, and they opened fire in retaliation. The shootout continued for some time before the two men fled.”

“The police are investigating. It is up to them to see whether it was a terror attack,” he was quoted as saying.

The incident ocured between 3.30 am and 4.00 pm, said reports, adding that the duo fired with a small pistol

The home ministry sees ISRO buildings as a high priority target for terrorists, and has beefed up security around them after warnings of possible attacks.

A police complaint has been lodged and an investigation is on.

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