Terrorists Might Help Rana Flee US: Prosecutors

Federal prosecutors have argued that Pakistani-born Canadian national indicted a few days ago in Denmark terror plot and 26/11 attacks might get assistance from ‘dangerous terrorist organization’ to flee the country if released on bond, reported PTI.

They said that Rana, who was named as a conspirator, also faced a stricter jail sentence of life imprisonment in the new chargesheet filed against him, said report.

In a 33-page government response to the motion filed by Rana seeking revocation of his detention order, prosecutors have that said his ‘casual speculation’ that it would be easy to extradite him if he fled US and was ever caught again ‘should be more unsettling than reassuring to the court, considering his ties to terrorist organisations’, said report.

Prosecutors Daniel Collins and Victoria Peters filed the response on January 15, a day after a grand federal jury indicted Rana and co-accused David Headley on 12 counts of being involved in conspiracy to target Mumbai and Denmark, said report.

The response said that Rana, in light of the superseding indictment returned against him, faces additional charges which are ‘actually much more serious than those he originally faced’, said report.

Rana was denied bail by Magistrate Judge Nan Nolan who said if released on bond, he could flee the country to escape a possible 30-year prison term.

However, now charged with supporting the conspiracies to commit murder and to bomb places of public use in India, ‘the maximum term of imprisonment now faced by Rana is life, giving him heightened incentive’ to flee the country.

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