Terror Will Be Focus of Indo-Pak Foreign Secretary Level Talks: Krishna

Stating that India is not resuming the Composite Dialogue with Pakistan, External Affairs Minister SM Krishna has made it clear that the foreign secretary level talks between the two countries will only have terror on the agenda, reported CNN-IBN.

In an interview to the news channel, Krishna said: “The talks that are related at the level of foreign secretary, in order to carry forward the core issue as far as India is concerned about terror and terror driven activities emanating from Pakistan, we thought that it is necessary to engage Pakistan in this very critical area of terror.”

The minister made it clear that the talks with Pakistan would only focus on terror, said report.

“Hence we offered that the talks take place at the level of foreign secretaries. We do not know what issues Pakistan Foreign Secretary is going to raise. The brief for our secretary is that terror is the centre and focus point of talks,” Krishna said.

“If there is a better suggestion in terms of alternative the government is willing to consider those alternatives. If the Opposition in their wisdom emanating from being out of government can suggest the government is not unwilling to look at them,” the minister said.

About the composite dialogue, Krishna said that it had been suspended and would not resume soon, said report.

“The composite dialogues, they are suspended. Let the nation not be under mistaken inference that composite dialogues are being renewed. Composite dialogues are suspended from the Indian point of view. The issue that we raised remained to be addressed by Pakistan with a degree of seriousness,” Krishna said.

On 26/11 attacks case, he said that India had provided sufficient proof to Pakistan on the masterminds of the attack, said report.

“In the present talks after 14 months, we provided them (Pakistan) with document to carry out further investigations in Pakistan as the crime (Mumbai terror attack) was committed, hatched carried out by Pakistanis. We thought it is necessary that after 14 months what they have done to address our concerns. The terror infrastructure is a threat to India, and to the stability in the region,” he said.

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