Telugu Actor Mohan Babu to Sue KCR

Noted Telugu actor M Mohan Babu, shooting unit of whose movie was yesterday attacked by TRS activists, has said that he will sue K Chandrasekhar Rao for making ‘inflammatory speeches’ against people of coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.

“I am filing a case under Section 153 of Indian Penal Code against TRS president KCR for his inflammatory speeches,” said the actor.

Yesterday, during shooting of a Telugu movie starring Mohan Babu’s younger son M Manoj, TRS activists had attacked the film unit which belongs to Sri Lakshmi Prasannna Pictures owned by Mohan Babu.

Mohan Babu vehemently flayed the attack saying that he had favoured the movement for a unified Andhra Pradesh as he did not want state to be bifurcated.

“Did anyone object when KCR raised the demand for a separate Telangana state? Why should he have any objection if I support a unified state,” Mohan Babu questioned.

In reaction to KCR’s threat that they would slit the tongue of any person who insists on Union Territory status for Hyderabad, Mohan Babu said that the Andhra Pradesh capital belonged to the whole of India.

“It is not anyone’s fieldom. Hyderabad is part of India and nobody can lay individual claim to it,” he said.

“As an MP, KCR should talk in a prudent manner and not use intemperate language,” Mohan Babu said.

The former Rajya Sabha member said that he would take out a peace rally from Secunderabad to the state Secretariat tomorrow with thousands of people to instill a sense of confidence among people.

Mohan Babu’s daughter and film producer Lakshmi Prasanna said that a group of over 20 people attacked their film unit when it was shooting a movie at Kompalli.

“Our unit had 108 members and the mob was only 20. But some local police officers helped the mob in carrying out the attack on us. We could have retaliated but we observed restraint since we have nothing against anyone,” she said.

Mohan Babu’s two actor sons Vishnuvardhan and Manoj were also present.

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