Telanga Causes Sever Protest in Assam

Besides Andhra and Rayalaseema, decision to concede Telanga has triggered server protest in Assam, too, with different ethnic groups in the state revolting against the demand for separate Telangana state.

During the revolt, Bodos, Dimasa and Karbis are to main groups to stand in the front line. Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), an ally of the ruling Congress, was the first group to protest against the statehood demand.

BPF leader Hagrama Mohilary said, “If Telangana can be carved out of Andhra Pradesh, why not a separate Bodoland in Assam. We are surely going to revive our demand for Bodoland and launch a sustained mass movement to fulfill our aspirations.”

Similarly, All Dimasa Students’ Union and the Dimasa People’s Council (DPC) also revolted against separate Telangana and insisted on ‘Dimaraji’ state for the Dimasa tribe in Assam.

Mrinal Kanti Phonglosa, DPC president said, “The government earlier said a state within states was not good, but now with the central government agreeing for Telangana, we also feel we should get our rights. Dimaraji is not just a demand, it is a fact and our birth right.”

The Karbi tribe, too, raised the demand for separate state as Karbi homeland.

Situation in Assam has turned tense because all the tribes that are demanding separate states have militant backing.

“The Telangana episode would have a major impact in the region and unless we get our Bodoland there cannot be permanent peace,” S Sangjarang, publicity chief of the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) said.

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