Tata Nano Debuts in Mumbai

Adding at least a couple of wheels to the great Indian dream of owning a car, Tata Nano made its commercial debut in Mumbai on Monday. The five seater compact with a 33bhp 624cc rear mounted engine goes on sale across the country over the next 10 days.

Priced at 130,000 or USD 2,580, the Nano, dubbed as the Lakhtakia in the local media is a significant milestone in the recently accelerated journey of the Indian car industry as it promises to reach out to 14 million Indian households which until recently could only dream of owning a set of four wheels.

The Nano is expected to carve a niche for itself in the booming Indian car market and coming in the midst of the economic slowdown the parking space friendly Nano could not have asked for a better opening slot.

General Motors India Vice-President P Balendran said: “While the Nano will not affect the other compact cars in the market, it will create a new segment of buyers, mainly those who want to upgrade from two-wheelers to four wheeler.”

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