Tamil Nadu against Single National Level Entrance Test

Tamil Nadu government has show opposition to Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal’s proposal for a common entrance examination as the state has done away with the entrance test system and doesn’t want it to haunt students yet again, reported NDTV.

The state says that it abolished entrance tests two years ago to save students from stress and to give rural students a fair chance, for they cannot afford tuitions to prepare for entrance examinations, said report.

“’It was so difficult for us to legally abolish entrance exams. We see this as an infringement of the authority of the state government,” Dr Ponmudi, Minister of Higher Education, Tamil Nadu, was quoted as saying.

However, the Centre’s task force said that it was a national issue, citing that thousands of colleges in different states conduct their own tests, which is a nightmare for students, said report.

“’There are thousands of entrance exams. Every college and every university conducts its own entrance examination. Students are tortured,” Dr Ananthakrishnan, a member of the National Higher Education and Research Commission, was quoted as saying.

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