Suspected Telangana Activists Attack Renuka Chowdhary’s Camp Office

The camp of office of former Union Minister and Congress leader Renuka Chowdhary was attacked on Wednesday by suspected TRS activists, who accused her of being against a separate state of Talengana.

Reports said that attackers even tried setting ablaze the camp office, thus leaving the windows of the building partially burnt.

Also, a letter was left by the suspected TRS activists in which they charged that Chowdhury was anti-Telangana.

The congress has deplored the attack and demanded firm action against the perpetrators.

“It is extremely unfortunate that the former minister’s house has been attacked. This is not the way solutions are found in a democratic polity,” party spokesperson Manish Tiwari said in New Delhi.

“We strongly condemn it (the attack) and call upon the Andhra Pradesh Government to take strict action against the perpetrators of this crime,” he added.

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