Statue Installation Case: SC Asks Petitioner to Reply to UP Govt

In statue installation case, UP chief minister Mayawati has been receiving benefit so far. Of late, Supreme Court has asked petition Ravi Kanth, who filed a petition against the UP government, to file a reply to the government in the case.

Earlier, Ravi Kant had filed a plea in the apex court seeking a stay on installation of statue of Mayawati and other Dalit leaders in Noida.

In his petition, the lawyer blamed the state government for misusing public funds. However, in a recent appeal, the UP government has urged the Supreme Court not to encourage Ravi Kant’s PIL further.

The state government, in its justification, had asserted that the expenses being incurred on erecting statues was duly approved by the Assembly.

The state government had asserted the expenditure for erecting statues was approved by the Assembly.

“The Government had told the court that Kanshi Ram left a will in which he has said that Mayawati’s statues will be installed at all places where his statue is installed. We asked the court whether any private will can be implemented using public money that also worth crores. The court responded positively and is in agreement with the proposition which we have made,” Ravi Kant said.

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