SRK Seeks Closure, Says My Stardom Transient, Integrity Non-negotiable

Ahead of release of his film ‘My Name Is Khan’, Shah Rukh Khan has prayed for peace, saying that his integrity is ‘non-negotiable’, said media reports.

In the meantime, 47 cinemas across Maharashtra, including multiplexes and single halls, have cancelled the screening of the movie bowing to Shiv Sena’s threat, said report.

Earlier, Maharashtra government made heavy security arrangements ahead of film’s release and cancelled all leaves of policemen to ensure that theatres were properly guarded.

Presently in Berlin for the premier of his film along with co-star Kajol and director Karan Johar, Shah Rukh had earlier said that he owes everything to Mumbai, loves ‘my country India, my family and freedom’ and hates ‘anyone or anything that threatens my country’.

The actor is upset by talks that the issue is a mere publicity stunt, said report.

“I want to enjoy my film everywhere. I want to enjoy it within myself and to sickos who think this is for publicity..2 words Shut up!” he was quoted as saying.

Shah Rukh wants to close the matter and says: “Anyone asks me about this issue anymore…they can read my Tweets. Now what happens with the release, the film, is the film’s fate. If my partners lose, so be it; if I lose so be it…”

It may be mentioned that ‘My Name Is Khan’ is set in post 9/11 period and in it Shah Rukh plays an autistic Muslim Rizwan Khan.

The actor said that his stardom is transient and that he wants a ‘closure’ in the tense row with the Shiv Sena which has threatened to disrupt film’s screening if he doesn’t apologise for his criticism for exclusion of Pakistani players in IPL.

“My stardom is transient. My integrity is non negotiable …my being Indian unquestionable…hope peace prevails. Hope misunderstandings get cleared. Hope nobody is hurt. Hope all leaders & activists have largesse of heart. hope…,” Khan, who is currently in Berlin for the premiere of his film, tweeted.

“Nobody wants Mumbaikars or their property hurt & destroyed. least of all me.”

Shah Rukh also said that he was making his point clear for the last time and sought closure, praying for peace in the city, which he owes everything to.

“This also is the last time I clarify or say anything on this topic. This is not a justification, it’s just reiterating the facts,” he was quoted as saying.

“I may not have the same ideologies as the Sena but on the question of me being a patriot, I don’t think there should be any confusion. Feel awful that Balasahib & Uddhav have misconstrued my words. The reaction of the Sena workers seems to make me believe that (sic),” he was quoted as saying.

Nearly 1,600 Shiv Sena activists have been arrested so far to ensure a peaceful release of the film.

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