Spying Issue: Arrest of Scientist ‘No Reason of Concern, Says ISRO

Allaying worries, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has said that the arrest of a senior American Scientist, who had a key part in the launch of the Chandrayaan-1 moon mission, was “no reason for concern”, for it had gone through all security protocols.

ISRO chief spokesperson S Satish said that Stewart David Nozette, the scientist arrested for allegedly spying in the US, had no access to any “critical” Indian document.

“All security protocols had been followed,” he said.

Satish also added that any foreign scientist visiting ISRO had to have all the necessary clearance and submit all valid documents.

He said that Nozette’s visits were restricted to the Mini-Sar, an American scientific instrument that flew on board Chandrayaan spacecraft. National Aeronautics and Space Administration had two instruments on Chandrayaan odyssey.

It may be mentioned that Nozette was arrested on Monday following filing of a complaint by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation against him on charge of spying for Israeli intelligence.

Nozette had played a key role in Chandrayaan mission in finding evidence of water on the Moon.

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