Six More from Trinamool Congress Likely to Be Inducted in Cabinet

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, who was allotted Railway Ministry just a day after the swearing-in, has indicated that her party could get six more ministerial berths when first expansion of Cabinet takes place on Tuesday.

“There may be six more representations from my party in the union government,” which will be the largest representation from West Bengal, she said.

Mamata, 54, the youngest minister in the 19 member cabinet, said that her party being the largest party in UPA after Congress could have demanded more ministerial berths but it did not do so.

“As per ratio of MPs, we could have got more ministerial berths compared to other partners in the UPA,” Mamata told a Bengali news channel.

“We did not bargain over ministerial berths. We are taking ministerial responsibilities to serve the people. Ministry is not a matter to us. We have no intention to go to the government to make money,” she said.

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