Sino-Pak Military Nexus Matter of Concern to India, Says Antony

Defence Minister AK Antony has said that military nexus between China and Pakistan is a matter of serious concern for India.

It should be noted that Pakistan, in a major move to boost its air warfare capability, Pakistan is purchasing 36 J-10 fighter aircraft from China striking a deal worth over $1.4 billion and has kept the option of induction of more similar aircraft open.

The J-10 or Jian 10 is China’s most advanced combat aircraft and is the third generation fighter comparable to American F-16 Fighting Falcons.

Besides, the two countries are collaborating to develop an advanced fighter JF-17 or “Thunder” and the first of these aircraft are expected to roll out by the end of this month.

China, which is one of the main weapons suppliers of Pakistan, has sold it combat jets for more than three decades.

Discontented with Pakistan’s behaviour over terrorism, specially Mumbai terror attacks, Antony said that Islamabad had yet to demonstrate any will to act against terror groups on its soil.

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