Shiv Sena Asks Raj to Give Jobs to ‘Marathi Manoos’ Only

Following demolition of an old chawl at Parel, a Shiv Sena bastion, by Matoshree builders, a company owned by the MNS chief, Shiv Sena is asking Raj Thackeray some uncomfortable questions, reported Times of India.

Area chief of Shiv Sena Ajay Choudhary put up banners and hoardings mockingly requesting Raj to ensure that all artisans, architects and other workers at this site are ‘Marathi Manoos’ and the buyers of these posh flats are also ‘Marathi Manoos’, said report.

Report said that banners and hoardings were meant for reminding Raj of his demand that those born in Maharashtra and speaking Marathi should be given priority in jobs in the state.

Raising the issue, Choudhary also asked the MNS whether it would adhere to these demands while constructing the tower, said report.

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