Shia Cleric against Women Bill, Says They Are Not for Delivering Speeches

Following a breed of politicians, now a religious leader has shown opposition to Women’s Reservation Bill as well.

Leading Shia cleric and scholar Maulana Kalbe Jawwad is opposed to the bill, reported ANI.

Talking to reporters in Allahabad on Friday, he said that God has created women to bring up their children in a better way, and not for delivering speeches in public, report said.

“Women are not created for doing horse-riding or firing guns. Women are not made for shoemaking, or working at liquor units or delivering speeches in public rallies like men…who will take care of a child when his mother is sitting in Parliament? … We can’t say that women are developing with all these parameters,” he was quoted as saying.

The bill, just as it has in political circles, triggered mixed reaction among various Islamic scholars and clerics, some strongly opposing it while others welcoming the move.

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