Shashi Tharoor earns PM Modi’s praise after being snubbed by Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, who got an earful from his party chief Sonia Gandhi yesterday, received accolades today from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his skills in public speaking, leaving political tongues wagging on the timing of the praise.
Modi showered praise on Tharoor, the only Congress MP present at a function organised by the Lok Sabha Speaker for MPs, while talking about the need for free airing of views on national issues irrespective of the party affiliations.

“Oxford debate has a huge significance. It is good that Shashi ji was there…. What he spoke there reflected the sentiments of the citizens of India,” he said while inaugurating a workshop on the Speaker’s Research Initiative (SRI) to train MPs on various subjects of global importance.

The praise for Tharoor, the lone Congress MP present at the function, came a day after he was snubbed by his party chief for the leak of his remarks counselling Congress against disruption of Parliament over scams.

To add to Congress’ discomfort, words of praise for Tharoor also came from Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, who said his speech at the Oxford University was appreciated by all.  “You (Tharoor) had spoken from your heart,” she said.

Tharoor later acknowledged Modi’s praise for him saying he (Modi) spoke with a large heart. Only  yesterday, he was snubbed by Congress President Sonia Gandhi for his remarks disapproving of disruptions in Parliament.

Modi pointed out that Tharoor’s speech, in which he had demanded reparation payments from the UK to India for 200 years of its colonial rule, has gone viral on Youtube.

He said the significance of Tharoor’s speech lay in the timing and place, which many times becomes a “turning point” of events.

“It is important what we leave behind at the right place. The occasion is also important,” he said as the Kerala MP, seated in the front row, acknowledged Modi’s remarks with a smile.

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