Shah Rukh Takes up Unpaid Hockey Players’ Case in Latest Tweet

Coming out in support of the India hockey team players, Bollywood star Shar Rukh Khan said in his latest tweet that he is sympathetic to the team members.

He said that he felt awful that a team playing for the country had to ask for the salaries of its players.

“Feel awful for the Indian hockey team. To play for the country, national sport and have to ask for salary. And we complain we don’t win gold,” Shah Rukh tweeted.

It should be noted that the actor has expressed his views after the hockey players revolted and withdrew from world cup preparatory camp demanding salaries.

Shah Rukh Khan, who has been a fan of the game, played the role of a hockey player and coach in the award-winning Chak De India, a film on women’s hockey.

Senior members of the India hockey team, in the meanwhile, will be meeting Hockey India officials on Saturday to sort out the crisis.

The players are unhappy that Hockey India has brushed aside their demands for a salary and performance based incentives.

The players say that earlier they used to be paid if they did well in international tournaments but that process has been now been discontinued.

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