SC Stays Koli’s Death Sentence in Nithari Killings

In Nithari case, the Supreme Court has stayed the death sentence served on Surinder Koli, who was convicted in February last for raping and killing 14-year-old Rimpa Haldar.

It may be mentioned that Haldar was among 19 young women and children whose body parts were found in a drain behind the bungalow of Koli’d employee Moninder Singh Pandher in December 2006.

Haldar, whom Koli called to work as housemaid at Pandher’s Bungalow, had gone missing before the disclosure of the Nithari killings.

A Ghaizabad court sentenced both Koli and Pandher to death in February 2009.

In the court, CBI, was probed the case, said that there was no evidence against Pandher. The judge, however, over-ruled the CBI and said that there was incriminating evidence to prove Pandher was guilty.

Later, Pandher was acquitted by Allahabad High Court. The High Court agreed that Koli deserved the death sentence.

It may be mentioned that Nithari killings came to light when the skeletal remains of the children were first discovered in a sewer behind Pandher’s plush D-5 bungalow in Noida’s Sector 31.The human skulls were stuffed in 57 gunny bags along with 700 bone pieces.

Special Judge Rema Jain completed the proceedings after re-cross examination of former Noida police officer Dinesh Yadav on January 27 and the recording of statements of Pandher and Kohli.

A total of 19 cases of killings were registered at the Noida police station in December 2006. All of them were transferred to the CBI for further investigation.

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