SC Adjourns Ambanis Gas Dispute Case to Sept 1

Hearing RIL-RNRL gas dispute case, the Supreme Court has adjourned the case till September 1. The dispute between the Ambanis is over the sale of gas from the KG Basin.

Arguing that the centre as an intervener cannot appeal, the RNRL counsel said in the apex court that the company is opposed to anything filed by the government.

Earlier, the government said the gas belongs to the nation and none of the brothers have the right to sell it to each other. The government urged the Supreme Court to declare the Ambani pact as null and void on the plea that gas is a national asset and that the Ambanis were treating it as personal property. Anil Ambani wants gas at 44 per cent lower price.

In a letter to the prime minister, Anil Ambani had accused the Oil Ministry of favouring Mukesh Ambani’s RIL to wriggle out a commitment to supply gas to it. But his elder brother Mukesh said gas can’t be sold at lower price.

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