Ruchica’s Father Blames Chautala for Shieling Rathore, Officials Confirm his Culpability

Ruchika’s father SC Girhotra has accused seasoned Haryana politician Om Prakash Chautala of shielding tainted ex-DGP SPS Rathore in the molestation case.

In his first interaction with media after announcement of punishment to Rathore for molesting 14-year-old Ruchika in 1990, Girhotra said, “Rathore was the right hand man of Chautala and he used him for serving all his selfish purposes and that is why Rathore was saved even after molesting the teenager.”

Also, he expressed dissatisfaction over what he said inadequate six months term served on Rathore and said that he should be tried and punished for abetting suicide of a minor and threatening her family for 19 years.

In the meantime, tow former investigating officers in the case, RR Singh, and former Haryana home secretary JK Duggal have spoken out against Rathore, saying that Ruchika’s statements against the former DGP were all based on facts and that her suicide could have been averted had action been taken.

RR Singh, the man who looked into the charges brought by Ruchika, has accused Rathore of driving the girl to suicide. In the report that he submitted to the Home Secretary, Singh had concluded that Rathore had molested Ruchika Girhotra and that he should be booked under appropriate sections of the Indian Penal Code.

“In this case I am of the considered view that whatever Ruchika a small girl of 15yrs had stated about the molestation by SPS Rathore is based on true facts. I am of the opinion that a cognisable offense is made, therefore, recommend that a case under appropriate sections of Indian Penal Code be got registered,” his report read.

Besides, former home secretary of Haryana JK Duggal confirmed Rathore’s culpability in Ruchika’s suicide, saying it was political interference that delayed the case.

“It was a political interference because at the bureaucratic level we had recommended severe punishment. Both RR Singh and I had recommended it. Then the file was held up with the minister. The quantum of punishment is not justifiable. It should have been much more. The entire family has been harassed. He deserves severe punishment,” he said.

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