Rebuked by Teacher, Boy Commits Self-Immolation

In a shocking incident, a fifth standard student committed self-immolation by setting himself ablaze following he was allegedly rebuked by his teacher for getting low marks in Tamil.

The incidence took place in Cholavaram in adjoining Tiruvallur district in Chennai.

The boy took the extreme step after one of his teachers allegedly rebuked him for getting low marks in Tamil subject.

Police have arrested the teacher and remanded her to judicial custody after a complaint lodged by boy’s mother.

According to reports, it all happened on September 17, when the 10-year-old Antony Prateesh was taking his Tamil quarterly exams. Vijayalakshmi, the teacher, took the answer papers and shouted at him. She also reportedly told Prateesh that if he continued to do badly in Tamil he would be demoted to fourth standard.

Though a class topper, the boy was scoring low in Tamil.

Prateesh, son of a lorry driver, narrated the whole story to his mother, who too scolded him in turn, making matter worse.

Though his mother tried to console him, a dejected Prateesh, picked up the kerosene can, went to the terrace and set himself on fire.

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