Rajnath Says Liberhan Report ‘Bundle of Errors’, A ‘Bizzare’ Conclusion

BJP president Rajnath Singh has said that demolition of disputed Babri structure was the result of ‘public anger’ and Justice MS Liberhan Commission’s report is a ‘bundle of errors’.

Speaking in Lok Sabha, Singh said that the report, in which 68 BJP leader are indicted, was ‘a bundle of grave errors’ and its intent appeared to be ‘pre-decided’ and aimed at ‘character assasination’ of certain political leaders and parties.

During the debate on the report, he said that the Commission arrived at ‘bizarre’ conclusions. He objected to bad comments made against former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and senior BJP leaders LK Advani and MM Joshi.

Terming report as ‘not unbiased’, BJP president said that it was a ‘political document of character assassinations’, for it overlooked legal criteria for indictment.

Amid several disruptions caused by objections from Congress and SP MPs, he said, “Whatever happened on December 6, 1992, was a result of public anger. There was no mosque at the site since 1936.”

“The Liberhan Commission report is a bundle of several errors. Even after spending 17 years it has not been able to bring out the truth,” he said.

Singh charged that during 17 years, neither Justice Liberhan nor any member from the commission had paid a visit to Ayodhya even once. Also, he equated Justice Liberhan to Sanjay, an aide of Mahabharat’s Dhrithrastra, who was endowed with a special vision and could give a blow-by-blow account of the Kurukshetra war without being there.

“Who is that Dhrithrastra?” he asked.

Describing indictment of Vajpayee and other BJP leaders as one not grounded on facts, Singh said that the commission seemed to be ‘pre-decided’ on whom to blame for the demolition and has thus reached ‘bizarre’ conclusions.

As for ‘pseudo moderate’ word used for Vajpayee in the report, he said that even Nehru had admired him and Rao used to regard him as a political guru.

“The report is totally baseless, prejudiced and is a deliberate attempt to target some persons and political parties,” he charged.

“Building a Ram temple is not just religious justice, but also national justice. BJP reaffirms its commitment to build Ram Temple at the same site. When BJP, which was part of NDA, was in power, it could not deliver on its promise despite trying its best,” the BJP said.

BJP president insisted that no ‘namaz’ had been performed at the disputed structure since 1934 and the doors of the structure were opened for Hindus for ‘puja’ of the Ram Lala in 1949.

As Singh spoke about the events preceding December 6, 1992, Home Minister P Chidambaram intervened saying the issue of ‘namaz’ or ‘puja’ being conducted at the disputed structure in Ayodhya could not be discussed in Parliament as the matter was sub-judice.

“Whether namaz or puja was being conducted is part of the title suit. We are not here to debate a title suit. It is sub-judice and cannot be debated in this House,” he said, adding that the debate should confine to the Liberhan report.

Chidambaram, who is expected to reply to the debate on Tuesday, said that the Liberhan Commission was appointed only to ‘go into the circumstances leading to the demolition’.

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