Rahul Kicks up Anti-NDA Dirt on Campaign Trail

Entrenching himself in the thickening political battle in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections, Congress general secretary and heir apparent Rahul Gandhi fired several salvos at the opposition NDA, saying the BJP-led alliance had ignored the poor during its term in power at the center and accused it of failing to check terrorism.

“We (Congress) see India from common man’s eyes. Our programmes are for the poor of India. Our thinking is to take forward the poor of the country…Our opposition does not see the world from the eyes of the poor,” said the young Gandhi while addressing an election rally in Wardha, Maharashtra on Tuesday.

Slamming the “India Shining” campaign of the BJP, Gandhi said: “This is the thinking of big people. They fight for privatisation, stock exchange but do not reach your homes. But if a leader reaches your home they ridicule him because they do not understand what the poor need.”

He also sought to take the wind out of the BJP poll campaign that has targeted the UPA for failing to counter terror.

Gandhi said the BJP-led NDA government had sent its minister to Kandahar when the plane was hijacked and terrorists were released.

Reacting to Opposition charges of Manmohan Singh being a weak Prime Minister, he said the Kandahar incident was proof of who was the weak prime minister.

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