Rahul Expresses Concerns over UP’s Future, Urges Women to Participate in Politics

Expressing concern over the prevailing situation in UP, the Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi has said that he was committed to better the lot of the people in the state.

Speaking to media persons in Lucknow, Gandhi said that he was not focusing on 2012 UP assembly but looking beyond 2012.

“I am not interested in 2012.  I am here till the improvement of the future of the state. I am happy that people have responded to my work here,” he said.

He stressed that he had been concentrating on Youth Congress to strengthen the youth wing of the Congress. He said that he had set short and long term goals for him in UP.

“My mission is to involve youth in politics,” he said.

Referring to inflation, Gandhi said that he had already spoken to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on the issue.

Besides, during an interaction with the young women, Congress leader urged women to come out and participate in politics saying that their participation was important for the country.

“You (women) are 50 per cent of the country’s population, therefore, you should take part in active politics. Step out and get involved in the politics as it is not only important for you, but for the country as a whole,” he said.

“The country needs a society which is not male dominated, other states have done so and it should be done in Uttar Pradesh as well,” he added.

“Name five women, who are below 35 years and whom you can call national leaders,” he asked.

He said, “it was an irony that though the country has 50 per cent population of the fairer sex, but people cannot name five women as national leaders.”

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