Rahul Denies Forcing Pilot to Land in ‘Zero Visibility’

Seeking to nip in the bud a possible controversy, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has clarified that he didn’t force the helicopter pilot to land in zero visibility conditions in Sitapur on Monday evening.

“I am a pilot and I am absolutely aware of the dangers of flying in low visibility conditions. I will be the last person to do it,” Gandi told a press conference dismissing UPCC president Rita Bahuguna Joshi’s comments who has earlier said that only for fulfilling his commitment to meet people, he had asked pilot to land in ‘zero visibility’.

“The PCC president is not a pilot. I have not put any pressure on the pilot. The pilot called me aside this morning and told me that the media was creating a controversy and putting my job in trouble. He has not broken any rule. You are making a story and destroying their career. This is not fair,” he said.

Responding to queries about Joshi’s remarks, Gandhi said that she is not a pilot, nor a weather expert. At the time of landing, there was enough visibility, he said.

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