Quack who Reportedly Treated Kishenji Arrested

West Bengal police has arrested a quack who reportedly treated Kishenji even as reported of the Maoist leader having been killed in recent crackdown are doing the rounds, said media reports.

West Bengal DGP Bhupinder Singh said that the police took into custody a quack who reportedly gave medication to an injured Kishenji, reports said.

“There was some information about some of possible injured person being treated by some quack. We worked on this information and we picked up one quack doctor from Belpahari area,” Singh was quoted as saying.

He claimed that some top Maoists leaders might have been killed in recent offensive against them, said reports.

“No we can’t say about the trails. From the intensity of the encounter we can draw a conclusion that firstly the number of Maoists was large. Secondly they were well armed and thirdly they also have sufficient ammunition. Fourthly some top leaders were present there (during the encounter),” he was quoted as saying.

“That is an area, in the past we have seen the movement of the Maoist leaders and since the information came again, that’s why we went into that location. Immediately after this operation there was some input about the dead body. We went and one body was found. It had bullet injury and there was another dead body also but it didn’t appear to be involved in this case,” Singh was quoted as saying.

It may be mentioned that after March 25 encounter at Hatilodh forest, there were reports that Kishenji was either dead or injured.

(Based on internet reports)

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