Probe Ordered against Pilot of AI Riyadh-Bound Flight

The pilot of the Air India Riyadh-bound flight that caught fire while taking off on Friday will face an enquiry and be questioned by DGCA. However, the airlines is downplaying the incident.

Despite probe being ordered and an engineer dismissed, the executive director of the airline played down the incident saying that it was a one-off incident and denied that the poor maintenance or the oldness of the aircraft was the reason of engine catching fire.

On Friday, a fully fuelled Boeing 747 jumbo jet caught fire it was taxiing for take off. Fortunately, all the passengers were safely evacuated.

First, their original plane had a technical snag, then their replacement plane caught fire by the time they got a third plane, some passengers had had enough and 16 people said they’d rather fly another airline.

A major tragedy for the 213 passengers aboard Air India’s Boeing 747-400 was averted somehow in time.

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