Price Rise: Maya Says Centre Working under Influence of Capitalists

Blaming the Centre for price rice, BSP supremo and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati has accused the government of working under the influence of capitalist and threatened a nation-wide campaign if no measures were taken to check inflation, said reports.

“It is clear that the Centre is working under the influence and pressure of capitalists and if it fails to take effective measures against price hike immediately, my party will be forced to launch a nation-wide agitation,” she was quoted as saying by PTI in a press conference in Lucknow.

Blaming Centre’s ‘faulty’ economic, import and export policies, She alleged that government’s ‘tendency to benefit capitalists and big businessman’ resulted into skyrocketing prices, the report said.

Stressing that the Centre failed to take action to control prices of foodgrains, pulses and sugar, the BSP supremo alleged that central ministers encouraged hoarders and blackmarketeers by making irresponsible statements, said report.

“A statement given by Union Agriculture Minister that sugar prices will rise further gave hoarders and blackmarketeers a chance to increase the rates,” she was quoted as saying.

Report said that Mayawati alleged that petrol and diesel prices were reduced just befor Lok Sabha elections for political gains.

“After elections were over, the government with a clear intention of benefiting capitalists, effected a hefty hike in petrol and diesel prices resulting in price hike,” she was quoted as saying.

“The Centre should have imposed a ban on export of rice, keeping in mind the requirement of wheat in the country. But it allowed large-scale exports resulting in inflation,” Mayawati alleged.

The UP chief minister stressed that the Centre should change its policies rather than blaming the states, the report said.

“Instead of framing capitalist-oriented policies, the Centre should frame policies keeping in mind the common people,” she was quoted as saying.

“Kendra ka haath poonjipati ke saath hai, aam aadmi ke saath nahi (Centre backs capitalists and not the common people),” she alleged.

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