Pranab Rules Out Any Congress-Left Alignment

In sharp disagreement with NCP president Sharad Pawar’s view to join hands with the Left after the elections, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee feels that the Congress and communists cannot be brought together at this juncture.

 “He (Pawar) believes that both Congress and the Left can be brought together but I do not believe, at this juncture, that this is possible. What would happen in future, none of us is a political astrologer. We cannot do that (forecast),” Mukherjee said.       

Earlier, reacting on unfriendly remarks from the Congress and the Left for each other, Pawar had opined that the antipathy displayed by both sides was “posturing” during the election campaign and that he had no doubt that the Congress and left parties would show pragmatism to come together after the poll results are declared.       

Holding that NCP leader has always given “mixed signals”, the External Affairs Minister said, “Upto now I have no reason to believe him (Pawar) because he has stated and he believes firmly that Left support is necessary. And he believes that he can manage it. Therefore it is his conviction. I cannot share his conviction.

Needless to add, Prakash Karat, CPI(M) chief has repeatedly been ruling out any post poll truck with the Congress despite receiving amicable gesture from some of UPA allies and despite Budhdhadev’s warm response to them on the issue.

Moreover, there has been talk of coining Sharad Pawar’s and also Pranab Mukherjee’s name from prime minister ship to win support of left parties, which are averse to Manmohan Singh’s candidature for the top job.

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