Pramod Muthalik Arrested in Mysore Riots Case

In connection with communal clashes occurred earlier this month in Mysore which left three people dead, Pramod Muthalik, the chief of right wing fringe group Sri Ram Sene, has been arrested for his alleged role, said a report on NDTV.

According to report, Muthalik had made inflammatory speeches just before the communal violence in Mysore on July 1 and 2.

It may be mentioned that the clashes between two communities in Mysore were reported near a mosque in Udayagiri.

Special forces of the Karnataka government, drafted by the Mysore police, had to go around the city appealing for peace.

The RAF and other units were also been brought in to curb the violence in pockets of Mysore. It was said to be a crisis more than Mysore ever handled earlier.

Muthalik first hit the headlines when his men were accused of beating up women in a Mangalore pub.

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