PM Promises ‘Positive Results’ on Naxal Front

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Sunday said his government is determined to take “effective measures” against Maoist rebels but ruled out military action against them, he was addressing a news conference in Mumbai.

In spite of the huge threat posed to internal security by the Naxal rebels, Singh said, the government was willing to engage in talks with them if they gave up arms.

Singh, however, ruled out the use of armed forces against the rebels saying the para-military forces and police were “adequate” for the purpose.

Responding to queries over the recent beheading of a police officer by the rebels in Jharkhand, Singh said: “The government is aware of their evil designs. We will take effective measures to counter them.”

The Prime Minister said there was no credible information to back the “rumours” linking the Maoist rebels to external forces.

“There are always rumours afloat. But there is no credible intelligence pointing in that direction,” he said.

Describing the rebels as the “greatest internal threat,” he promised positive results on the Naxal front in the near future.

“Naxalism is the greatest internal threat. In months to come, there will be positive results on the Naxal front,” he was quoted as saying by agencies.

(Based on Media Reports)

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