‘PM Modi would start explaining to God how universe works’: Rahul Gandhi in US

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in an address in the United States on Wednesday said India was being run by a group of people who were ‘absolutely convinced’ that they knew everything. They could sit down with God and explain things, Rahul Gandhi said adding that the prime minister is ‘one such specimen’. “I think if you sat Modiji down next to God, Modiji would start explaining to God how the universe works. Right? And God would get confused that what have I created. These are funny things but this is what is going on. There’s a group of people who understands everything. They can explain science to scientists, history to historians, warfare to the Army.. And at the heart of it is mediocrity, they actually don’t understand anything. Because in life, you can not understand anything if you are not ready to listen,” Rahul Gandhi said.

India has not rejected any idea, Rahul Gandhi said exhorting the NRIs at his address. “That’s the India you represent. You would not be here if you did not agree with these values. If you believed in anger, hatred, and arrogance, you would be sitting in a BJP meeting and I would be doing ‘mann ki baat’. So thank you very much for holding up the Indian Flag in India,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“Now they have asked me to answer your questions. This also would not happen in BJP. No question, only answers there,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi is on a 10-day visit to the US, his first stop being San Francisco. The next two will be Washington DC and New York. Rahul Gandhi’s last foreign visit – which was to the UK – stirred a major controversy in India as he — then an MP — was accused of insulting Indian democracy on foreign soil.

‘Aren’t you happy that I am not lying down?’: Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi and his government can not address issues like unemployment, price rise, the spread of anger and hatred, and crumbling education system, Rahul Gandhi said. “The BJP can’t really discuss these issues so they have to do the sceptre thing. You know lying down and doing all that. Aren’t you happy that I am not lying down,” Rahul Gandhi said referring to the Sengol controversy that surfaced with the inauguration of the new Parliament building. The Sengol symbolised transfer of power from the British to India in 1947 and was kept in a museum in Allahabad. The Sengol was installed in the new Parliament building. The Congress said there was no evidence of this.

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