PM Modi driving a car looking at rear-view mirror, that’s why…: Rahul Gandhi in US

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Modi during his US visit. He also argued PM Modi, BJP and the RSS are incapable of looking into the future and can only talk about the past.

Addressing the Indian diaspora Indian at the Javits Centre in the US, Rahul Gandhi said, “He (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) is trying to drive the car…the Indian car and he looks in the rear-view mirror. Then he does not understand why this car is crashing, not moving forward. And it’s the same idea with the BJP, with the RSS. All of them. You listen to the ministers, you listen to the prime minister. You will never find them talking about the future. They only talk about the past,”

He also said the BJP and RSS don’t talk about the future but focus on the past, adding that they find someone else to blame for the past. The senior Congress leader also drew a dichotomy in Indian politics between two ideologies, one represented by the Congress and other by the BJP and the RSS.

“The simplest way to describe this fight is that on one side you have Mahatma Gandhi and on the other side, Nathuram Godse,” the Congress leader added

The former Congress President also talked about the recent Odisha train accident that has claimed the lives of at least 275 people while injuring hundreds more. He also observed a 60-second silence to pay respect to the people who died during the incident.

Comparing the Odisha train accident to the railway mishaps that happened during Congress’ reign, Gandhi said, “I remember a train accident when the Congress was in power. The Congress did not get up and say ‘now it is the fault of the British that the train has crashed’. The Congress minister said ‘it’s my responsibility and I’m resigning’. So this is the problem we have back home, we make excuses and we are not accepting the reality we are faced with,”

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