Passenger Faints due to Suffocation Mid-air as SpiceJet AC Fails

A plane of SpeceJet Airlines made an emergency landing on Tuesday after a passenger fainted mid-air because of suffocation caused by the failure of plane’s AC, said a report on CNN-IBN.

According to the TV channel, it was a nightmare of passengers of the Goa-Ahmedabad SpiceJet flight on Sunday.

Report said that the flight took off half an hour late at 5.30 pm and then passengers came to know mid-air that plane’s AC was not functioning.

Passengers complained of suffocation and a woman even fell unconscious, leading to diversion of the Ahmedabad-bound flight to Mumbai where it made emergency landing, report said.

Angry passengers have now demanded a compensation for the harrowing time they faced in the aircraft.

However, a statement from the SpiceJet authorities do not mention anything about the AC, the statement says that one of the passengers needed medical attention due to which the flight had to make an emergency landing at Mumbai.

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