Pak Regrets Manmohan Singh’s Pittsburgh Statements

Expressing regret over Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s comments urging Islamabad to give up the use of terrorism as a “state policy”, Pakistan on Saturday said the statement was removed from reality and “very regrettable”.

Speaking in Islamabad Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said World leaders had lauded Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism at a recent meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan forum.

“Pakistan has a transparent agenda for the meeting of the Foreign Secretaries of the two countries. It wants to hold dialogue with a positive attitude, otherwise some other powers take the benefit of the resulting political vacuum,” he claimed.

He said that the country’s judiciary will decide on action against those involved in the Mumbai attacks, which are being investigated in light of the evidence provided by India.

Addressing a press conference in Pittsburgh, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said: “We sincerely hope (Pakistan) would very firmly carry out the due process of investigation and bring the culprits to book. If that is carried out, we will move an extra mile to normalise our relations.”

“The only obstacle is Pakistan must give up its old attitude of using terror as an instrument of state policy,” he had added.

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