Pak Pushing Terrorists into India: Antony

Defence Minister AK Antony has said that Pakistan continues to push in trained militants from a large number of terror camps across the border into India.

Talking to reporters, he said that it was a matter of grave concern and measures are underway to check this.

“Even now, not only the terrorist camps are operating there, (but) there is continuous efforts to push a large number of trained terrorists into Jammu and Kashmir and India.

“It is a serious matter, it is a matter of concern to us. So to prevent that, whatever steps (are) needed we are taking,” Antony said.

The minister said that it would be difficult for India to better ties with Pakistan unless it make “serious” and “sincere” attempts to dissemble the large number of terror camps on its soil.

Antony said that the terrorist camps operating from Pakistan was the main impediment to improve India-Pakistan relations.

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