Pak Downplays Kasab’s Confession; Says It’s Not Evidence

Shortly after Mumbai terror attacks main accused Amir Ajmal Kasab pleaded guilty in a special court, Pakistan quickly downplayed the confession of its national.

“It’s confession, not evidence,” Pakistan Defence Minister Choudhary Ahmad Mukhtar told CNN-IBN.

Earlier in the day, Kasab startled a Mumbai court by confessing his role in last year’s Mumbai terror attacks in which as many as 180 persons were killed and over 300 injured. He also named before the court names of his Pakistani handlers including Abu Hamza, Abu Jindal, Abu Kafa and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi.

In his confession, Kasab said that he had been instructed by Hafeez Saeed, the leader of a banned religious charity.

Mukhtar said that Kasab could be taking names to save “his skin”. “Just naming does not qualify that they are involved or not involved. There has to be evidence – he could be saying this to save his skin,” he said.

The Pakistani minister said that his country would not spare any terrorist and prosecute suspects it had arrested for the Mumbai attacks.

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