Pak Doesn’t Deserve Half the Importance Given in India: Rahul

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi has said that Pakistan doesn’t deserve ‘half the importance’ it was being given in India, stressing that the countries cannot be compared.

Speaking to reporters in Shimla, Gandhi said: “We are giving too much importance to Pakistan. It is just a small piece of land. India can’t be compared with Pakistan.”

He made the statement while his day-long visit to the hill state to impress upon students for the party’s student wing- the NSUI.

“Pakistan’s internal issues do affect us, but we are giving too much time and importance to Pakistan in our minds. To my mind, it deserves not half the importance we are giving it.

“If you see, the attitude of the world has changed towards Pakistan. It’s not a one day job. It’s a long process. India has created pressure (on it) and the entire world is putting pressure on Pakistan. Certain issues related to Pakistan have to be managed, which is already being done. We are on a comfortable position. There is no comparison between India and Pakistan.”

Rapping opposition parties, BJP in particular, he said that it has 1000 years old ideology and that they are just talking about Jinnah, which is history now and which he cannot think about even for five seconds.

He also said that the BJP’s ‘India Shining’ slogan was straight dismissed by people in the 2004 general elections, for India was shining only in urban areas and that too within the elite class.

Attired in a blue half-sleeve shirt and trousers, he said: “We believe in the ideology of uplift of the poor and the downtrodden.”

Brushing aside criticism of his visit to villages, he said that they were aimed at to get first-hand information about the progress the country has made.

Gandhi admitted that the doors of political parties, be it the Congress, the BJP or any other, were not as open to youngsters as they should be.

“My effort is just to do that. The youth wants to know what we are going to give them in the years to come.”

He emphasized that his key job was to usher more democracy in the frontal organization of the party, the Youth Congress and the NSUI.

“My effort is to have all elected people in these two organisations ultimately. No nominations in future. But it will take some time… the process is on and we have already done it in four states for the Youth Congress,” he said.

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