Pak Boosting Nuke Capabilities against India: Report

In a shocking disclosure, top American nuclear scientists have said that Pakistan is amplifying its nuke weapons and production capacities, said media reports.

The reports said that Pakistan is preparing a new nuclear capable ballistic missile for employment and also two nuclear capable cruise missiles. Further, reports said that Pakistan is in the process of developing two new plutonium production reactors and a second chemical separation facility at Chasma, Khushab and Dera Ghazi Khan in southern Punjab.

Besides, Pakistan is renovating its work on a partly build separation plant at Chasma. Analysts believe that this mysterious and crucial development of arsenal is targeted at India. So far nuclear scientists, on the basis of official estimates of country’s present uranium and plutonium technology, thought that the country is far short of having 100 nuclear warheads in its kitty.

The report indicates that Pakistan has surpassed earlier estimates and from the capability of building 30-40 nuclear weapons, it could actually possess as many as 70-90, a disturbing figure as far as India and the US are concerned. The latter is currently debating financial and military aid to its friend in keeping with the Af-Pak agreement.

Moreover, if this report is true Pakistan is clearly going beyond the moratorium existing as an unwritten code of conduct in South Asia to halt the arms race.

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