Pak-based Terrorists Plotting Another 26/11: PM

With first anniversary of Mumbai terror attacks coming round the corner, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that he everyday gets intelligence inputs which suggest that Pakistan-based terrorists are contriving more 26/11-like strikes in India.

Describing Pakistan’s use of terror as state policy ‘tragic’, the prime minister said that India is prepared to resolve all outstanding issues with the country if it stops allowing its soil to be used against its nieghbour.

Ahead of his state visit to the US, Singh told the Washington Post in an interview that India has been a victim of Pakistan-aided terrorism.

“Every day I receive intelligence reports saying that terrorists based in Pakistan are planning other similar acts (similar to 26/11),” Singh said in the interview that would be carried in the daily’s print edition on Sunday the day of his arrival in Washington.

At the same time, the prime minister stressed that Pakistan has “nothing to fear” from India and it was a “tragedy” that it has come to the point of using terror “as an instrument of state policy”.

“We are committed to resolve all the outstanding issues with Pakistan through bilateral negotiations. Our only condition is that Pakistan should not allow its territory to be used for acts of terrorism against India.

“If Pakistan really honours that commitment, we can go back to negotiation to resolve all outstanding issues between us,” he said.

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