Pachauri Denies to Quit IPCC Post for ‘One Mistake’

Chairman of the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) RK Pachauri has denied to step down over what he described as ‘one mistake’ in the IPCC report, said media reports.

Pachauri admitted that he and his team committed error in announcing that Himalyana glaciers would completely melt down by the year 2035 and said, “just one mistake wasn’t grounds enough for him to resign.”

“There is no ‘several mistakes’. There is only one mistake. Why should I resign? I have no reason to resign. I have a task to complete and I will finish it,” he was quoted as saying.

He stressed that it was he who asked for an investigation into the errors reported in the IPCC report, reports said.

About the recent decision of Boer to resign from his UNFCC post last week, Pachauri was quoted as saying: “That’s his decision, what can I say about it?”

After errors about Himalayan glaciers’ meltdown came to light, the UN started an independent review of the IPCC.

The blunder has been ascribed to a typographical error with the words 2035 appearing instead of 2350.

The review is being conducted by the InterAcademy Council, independently of the United Nations.

The InterAcademy Council (IAC) is a multinational organisation of science academies crated to produce reports on scientific, technological and health issues.

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