Only Party Will Decide on Next Leader: Karunanidhi

In what could be seen obviously as an attempt to put a stop to succession issue raised by his son and Union minister MK Azhagiri, DMK chief M Karunanidhi has said that only party will decide about the next leader, said media reports.

The remarks, which he made in an interview to a Tamil magazine, thus distance himself from the controversy.

His elder son MK Azhagiri had recently revived the DMK family war saying that he wouldn’t accept anybody else except his father as party chief.

This was against a compromise formula worked out by the family, according to which Stalin, who is presently Deputy Chief Minister, was to head the government in the state, while Azhagiri was to focus on politics at the Centre.

“In a democracy, everyone has a right to choose their leader. The DMK will decide,” Karunanidhi was quoted as saying. “..who’ll be the next leader. Even I don’t have that right. Stalin and Alagiri don’t have any problems. Both know that if they fight, I’ll be the one who will get hurt.”

(Based on internet reports)

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