One Stabbed in Ragging in Haryana College

In a case of ragging in Haryana, a student of Guru Nanak Khalsa College in Yamunanagar was reportedly stabbed failing to comply with commands of his seniors.

Sher Singh and Gaurav, first year students, allege that they were ragged by seniors at the college canteen. And in the confrontation was caught one of their friends Daler, who had come to college to enquire about admissions.

When the three were sitting in the canteen, a group of seniors came and instructed to strip before girl students.

On refusal to do so, they were attacked with bricks and knives. The freshers received minor injuries in the skirmish but Daler was stabbed. He was then hospitalized.

“We were in the canteen when some seniors asked us to strip and walk in front of everyone. We refused so they started beating us,” said Sher Singh, Daler’s friend.

“We refused saying why should we do this so they started hitting us, threatened to shoot us,” recalls Gaurav Malik, another friend of Daler’s.

Shocked, relatives of the victims are outraged and want action against the guilty.

“We want justice. We have sent our children to study and not to face this,” said Jagdev Singh, uncle of the student.
However, college authorities deny that any such incident happened on campus.

“The incident never happened in the college, it may have happened outside. There is no question of any raging taking place inside college,” said Virendra Kaur, College Principal.

A police case has been registered but no arrest has so far been made.

“We are looking into it, at the moment we have registered a case of assault and stabbing but if we find it to be ragging we will add other sections as well,” said Ajit Singh, SHO, Yamananagar.

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