Obama to Visit in early November

Responding to an invitation extended by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last year, US President Barack Obama has announced plans to visit India in November, in response to an invitation last year from the Indian PM Manmohan Singh.

President Obama told visiting Indian officials in Washington that relations with New Delhi were among the highest priorities for his administration.

“The relationship between the United States and India is fundamentally unique,” he was reported as saying to the officials.

“We share common interests, but we also share common values, as the world’s two largest democracies, and as countries that are rich in diversity.”

Obama did not give an exact date for his first presidential visit to Indian but indicated it would take place in “early November”.

Citing a senior official in the administration, PTI news agency later reported that the presidential trip to India has been tentatively scheduled from November 7 to November 10.

“During his State Visit, the Prime Minister(Manmohan Singh) graciously invited me and my family to visit India this year, and I happily accepted. And as I confirmed to him when we spoke last week, I’m delighted to announce tonight that I plan to visit India in early November,” he said.

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