Obama has Dispelled Fears: Tharoor

Noting that there is progress on the Indo-US nuke deal, minister of state for external affairs Shashi Tharoor has said that the US President Barack Obama has allayed fears that the US is moving closer to China at the cost of its relationship with India.

“There will be full implementation of the Indo-US nuclear deal. We have seen some amount of progress. There are technical details which will be pursued by the officers and there is no particular reason to worry about,” Tharoor said.

About the US-China joint statement, which was made during Obama’s visit to China, Tharoor said that it was not really a big issue.

“These are said in general terms and President Obama has more than made up for it by applauding India’s leadership role in South Asia. Both China and India are leaders in their own right,” Tharoor said.

In response to a question about Afghanistan, Pakistan and what role Obama can play for India, Tharoor said, “Obama’s role is not only for India, his role is first for his country’s national interest and both in terms of NATO commitment and in terms of what Afghanistan needs. As far as India is concerned, we are active in the developmental work in Afghanistan.”

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