Nuke Power Allows India to “Think Big”: PM

Observing that country’s nuclear programme has allowed India to “think big”, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that power from nuclear plants would lessen country’s over dependence on conventional fossil fuels and check climate change over the coming decades.

Singh also said that India’s nuclear industry, which is “poised for major expanision”, would be “huge opportunities for the global nuclear industry to participate in”.

It may be mentioned that country looks at a higher power generation as a key to sustain economic growth. Presently, India depends on imports for about 70 per cent of its oil needs and according to the Planning Commission’s estimates, around 600 million people are not on the national grid.

Adressing an international conference on peaceful uses of atomic energy here, Singh said that 470,000 megawatts of energy could come from Indian nuclear power stations by 2050.

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